• Five Frappes

About Us

Zuma. Flavours that mean business.

The flavours

We understand that taste is first and foremost when it comes to keeping your customers happy. Our frappes are supremely indulgent but free from unnecessary artificial ingredients. We believe in minimal processing for maximum flavour.

Our products are also brilliantly versatile - perfect for making distinctive signature drinks by combining with your house espresso, syrups or smoothies. Take advantage of the growing trend for ice-blended coffee cocktails using our fabulous frappes!

We're constantly tasting, developing and tasting some more to make sure we bring you the best in the business - so keep an eye out for exciting new stuff...

The business

Zuma has been supplying the café industry since 2003, with a reputation for quality, innovation and top customer service. With our experience and knowledge, we've helped many major international clients to increase their share of the market.

With Zuma, you get access to a wealth of resources – from downloadable recipes and how-to-make guides, to fantastic POS materials to help drive your sales.

We're always happy to chat - so give us a call if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!