Zuma frappes allow you to create thick, smooth and consistently delicious cold drinks - a caffeine hit without the heat.

There are also caffeine-free flavours so you can add your own blend of espresso or serve them to kids. These are the only frappes that use real chocolate, real vanilla and real toffee pieces to give strong, natural flavours. Guaranteed to keep coffee sales booming in the summer!

Zuma frappes have a significantly lower fat content than other brands, and unlike many brands, they contain no dangerous and unhealthy hydrogenated fats. We're convinced they're the best you can get.

For the perfect frappe every time, just blend ice, milk (and espresso if required) with a scoop of frappe powder. We recommend using Blendtec professional blenders for the best results.

There are seven flavours of Zuma frappe to choose from, but your options are wide open as you could top with whipped cream, drizzle with a sauce, or add a flavoured syrup to the mix.


The Zuma Frappé  Range