Light indulgence


Light indulgence

Looking for the perfect solution for your summer menu - don't worry Zuma are once again poised to keep you on trend! The brand new Zuma Skinny Frappé is ready to make it's way out of our warehouse direct to you.

With sugar content on everyone's minds and influencing your customers decisions, this is the frappé mix that will appeal to your waist-conscious customers. Zuma Skinny Frappé has 50% less sugar but the same great taste as Zuma Non-dairy Vanilla Bean Frappé. Much like the Non-dairy option, the new Skinny Frappé is a versatile choice to enable you to offer a wide range of tasty frappés.

Like all Zuma frappés, the Skinny Frappé is super easy to make. Fill a 12oz cup with ice, top with milk and pour into a blender. Add once scoop of the frappé powder and blend until smooth. Pour back into the cup and serve with a straw. There's no waste if you prepare in the cup you will serve which is why we always suggest you do it! Simply add an espresso shot before you blend and you have a delicious Caffé Frappé, a menu staple, with fewer than 300 calories when sticking with skimmed milk!

You can easily expand your menu adding different flavours without piling on the calories. Start adding frappeSweetbird Sugar-Free syrups to build and exciting, premium items; no menu is complete until there is a delicious Caramel Frappé. For those customers who are seeking out maximum indulgence you can still add whipped cream, Zuma Caramel Sauce and Zuma Toppings for a deluxe treat. With 47% of consumers looking to try new flavours there’s never been a better time to be adventurous and bold with you flavour choices. How about basing your flavour combinations on ice creams and ice lolly's of yore for a retro summer menu?

99 anyone?

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